by David Waldrom  

David Waldrom

David Waldrom currently resides in Paekakariki on the Kapiti Coast, New Zealand

David Waldrom - Biography

Paekakariki David Waldrom launched a new mid-life career when, in 2004, he picked up a paintbrush for the first time in 18 years and produced a self-portrait. His first selection of postcards from Paekakariki showcase his home town, a small seaside community north of Wellington. These images have been extremely popular, now released as postcards, Giftcards, and Personalised Christmas cards and prints. Using vibrant colours and strong simple lines, clutches of small seaside baches, rolling waves, sheer cliffs and undulating mountain ranges invoke typically kiwiana scenes.

His talent was first recognised at the age of 13, when he won a prize in the Auckland Star secondary school art competition. Dropping art in the 7th form to concentrate on the sciences with the aim to forging a career in business, he gained a Certificate of Commerce and worked for his father's alarm installation company until he branched out in the early 1990's and established his own company.

In the last few years although continues to run his business, he captures his own environment in his paintings. Starting with paintings designed to capture his emotional response to landscapes and situations around him. Playing for the Paekakariki pool League before the historic Paekakariki Hotel was demolished, inspired him to capture the end of an era in one of his postcards depicting a pool table. The Steam Train, captured in another image, at Paekakariki Station is one of the treasures still enjoyed by many at Paekakariki.

Many of the paintings have now been released in his books. His fist book Sun, Surf, Sand included his first collection of Paekakariki images and poems. David has been a regular at local Poetry Club events.

This first book was soon followed by a further publication "My Impressions of Aotearoa" which featured paintings and verse in a new deluxe coffee-table style publication. Meanwhile David was also working on a series of portraits and short stories based on his experiences on growing up in New Zealand and produced a "The Pakeha Immigrant". This has now been expanded to include more stories, portraits, paintings and poems . This project also developed into the creation of the website project "My Aotearoa" to make David's stories and book available online.

The Coda the Cat cartoon strips arose from David's observations of the cats that live with him and his wife. With their distinct personalities the cats in the strip take on the world around them. As with all cats they have a unique view of the world. The first strips were released as postcards, but this year volume one of Coda the Cat and friends has been released.

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